Commercial Lending in 2019

After a year of low overall commercial borrowing rates, the year ended with a sudden upturn at the end of 2018. Financial analysts and experts believe this trend of increasing demand for commercial lending will continue into 2019. As a result, commercial loan pipelines are surging, providing the ideal opportunity for borrowers to expand their businesses.

Though rising interest rates and a continued trade war with China remain concerns for borrowers, competitive non-bank lenders offer a practical solution for those seeking commercial lending.

Despite talks of an impending recession, both bankers and lenders are confident that 2019 will be a year of financial success. According to a recent survey by Barclays, 94% of executives expect that loan growth will increase in the new year. Similarly, a study by JPMorgan Chase indicated that 90% of small to midsize businesses plan to maintain or increase their capital in 2019.

Nonbank Lending Trends

Nonbank lenders, including zELinks Finance, have played an integral role in maintaining funding accessibility for borrowers. As the financial crisis has prompted traditional banks to increase their criteria for lending eligibility, the percentage of overall loans held by nonbank lenders has risen steeply.

Not only do nonbank lenders utilize technology to make the lending process fast and easy, but they also offer lending flexibility unseen at traditional banks. Similarly, nonbank lending can provide tailored solutions for individuals and companies that may not otherwise qualify for funding.

However, not all nonbank lenders are created equal. As the demand for commercial loans grows, it is essential to find a lender that is experienced in the industry, can secure customized funding quickly and has the resources necessary to support your growing company.


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