Lender Details

Rodeo Capital:

Conventional Banks typically take at the minimum 45 days and up to 120+ days to fund. Rodeo Capital can fund a deal in as little as 3 days, with our average being 10 days. Whether you are a new buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, we aim to be the bridge that gets you reliable financing and achieve a successful project completion or the sale of the property

Lending Parameters

  • Funding From $500k to $12M
  • 65% Max LTV (Loan-to-Value)
  • 80% Max LTP (Loan-to-Purchase)
  • 65% Max ARV (After-Repair-Value)
  • Non-Owner Occupied SFR’s Only.
  • 7.99%+
  • 12-24 Months
  • 2+ Lender Points
  • Seller Carry Allowed

Loan Types

  • Bank Turn-Downs
  • Rehab, Construction Completion
  • Fix & Flips
  • Purchase Money
  • Refinance Transactions
  • Discounted Note Payoffs
  • Cash Out for Business Purposes

Property Types

  • Non-Owner Occupied SFR
  • Multi Family
  • Office Buildings
  • Strip Centers
  • Mixed Use
  • Infill Land
  • Flagged Hotels & Motels
  • Self-Storage
  • Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living
  • Industrial Warehouses

Southstar Capital:

The SouthStar Advantage

Velocity Mortgage:

Velocity Mortgage Capital is a nationwide, direct portfolio lender dedicated exclusively to providing investment property loans for residential 1-4, multi-family, mixed-use and small balance commercial properties.

By focusing more on the property’s value and revenue-generating potential rather than the borrower’s personal income and credit, our asset-based investment property loans enable brokers to meet the unique needs of real estate investors who are tough to qualify, including W-2 employees, self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners. Because every borrower, even the extraordinary ones, deserves an opportunity.

To learn more about the benefits of our investment property loans, simply click on any of the images below{IMG}

Kennedy Funding:

When you’re ready, so are we. Our versatile loan criteria means we close deals that others simply can’t. We have the acumen and flexibility to analyze your special situation and build a loan that meets your goals. We keep the process moving quickly so you’ll have your money in just a few days.

Flexible loan term up to 5 years.

No prepayment penalties.

Up to 75%.

Rates from 6% per annum.

As low as 2%.

From $1 Million to $50+ Million nationally.

Real estate and other fixed or liquid assets.

Multifamily, Condo, Office, Retail, Hotel,
Industrial, Mixed-use, Land.

NEW! Ask about our 6&3 Lending Program.
New low 6% rates for Multifamily, Office, Retail
and other qualified properties!


In 2009, Bolour launched its bridge lending platform. Bolour recognizes that entrepreneurial borrowers need flexibility, certainty of closing, speed of execution, and creative structuring. Since 2009, Bolour has built a comprehensive lending platform to meet these needs. The Company offers financing solutions in California, Arizona, and Texas on retail, office, multi-family, industrial, mixed-use, SFRs (non-owner occupied) and urban infill land.

Avana Capital:

SBA 504 loans are designed to help small businesses owners purchase commercial real estate and equipment. Benefits include long-term repayment schedules, as well as fixed interest rates that are set well below traditional market interest rates.

Construction loans help seasoned entrepreneurs expand and build out franchised hotels, multi-use office space, or assisted living facilities. They begin with interest-only payments, enabling the business to begin operations before principal payments are due

Bridge loans are a unique funding solution that enables entrepreneurs to act when time is of the essence and execution is key. These short-term loans are ideal when purchasing distressed properties or for taking advantage of repositioning opportunities


Avatar is a quick response commercial hard money lender. While the current market has created a lack of credit availability for real estate investors and small business owners, we are positioned to meet the market needs and expand our portfolio without the regulatory constraints that large banks and institutional lenders are now facing.

Columbia pacific:

Strategies are established for any type of commercial real estate nationwide typically between $5 and $50 million with terms as short as 12 month.



12 Months

Loan Amount

$50k to $2.5M+


Up to 90% of the Purchase Price +
100% of Renovation Costs
Not to exceed 75% of the ARV

Property Types

Non-owner occupied 1-4 Family Residential Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes; Multi-Families (5+); Mixed-Use Properties


600 minimum


RCN Capital offers an exposure line with streamlined approval for the After-Repair Value Loan Program with guaranteed leverage and fixed rates. This product is available to investors with a portfolio of 10 or more flips per year.

Exposure Limit$1M – $10M

Patch of Land

At Patch of Land, we can fund your first loan in as little as 7 days. Whether you’re looking for capital for a fix & flip, rental, or commercial property, we have a program to meet your needs. Once you’ve funded your first loan, faster approval times and more financing options can make the process even easier for future loans.


Wilshire is a verified direct private money portfolio lender. As a collateral-based lender, we focus primarily on property value and property cash-flow. We provide borrowers with the confidence to close through a consistent internal funding platform.

Direct Access to Capital

Property Type

Retail & Mixed Use
Industrial & Warehouse
Senior Assisted Living
Student Housing
Self Storage
Other Income Producing Property

Max. LTV


AG America Lending


First, our skilled lending teams never take a one-size-fits-all approach to agricultural land loans. Instead, we custom build each loan package to meet the unique needs of each borrower.

Secondly, we’ll help set you up for the long-term. Our agricultural land loan programs don’t just finance for this season, but help finance the next generation.

Finally, it’s our progressive approach that makes AgAmerica appealing for today’s farmers and ranchers. You can leave the old-fashioned rules and restrictions behind. Our agricultural land loan products just make sense.

Farmer Mac

For over a quarter century, Farmer Mac has been a vital partner in delivering flexible credit solutions and lending opportunities to rural America.

Farmer Mac offers a broad portfolio of flexible solutions designed to increase access to capital and reduce the cost of credit for rural America. With an emphasis on innovation and collaboration, the Farmer Mac team will work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. If you are an agricultural lender, rural utility cooperative lender or owner of eligible agricultural assets, Farmer Mac can help provide you access to low-cost credit capital to fund your business, manage interest rate risk or other balance sheet needs or manage credit risk and/or concentration issues

Farmer Mac is committed to help build a strong and vital rural America by increasing the availability and affordability of credit for the benefit of American agriculture and rural communities. As the nation’s premier secondary market for agricultural credit, we provide financial solutions to a broad spectrum of the agricultural community, including agricultural lenders, agribusinesses, and other institutions that can benefit from access to flexible, low-cost financing and risk management tools.

Presidential Financial

We offer multiple financing solutions to meet the needs of our clients throughout the various seasons of their life cycle.

Working Capital Lines of Credit

Our primary financing product is a line of credit in which the availability of credit is driven by the value of your accounts receivable and inventory…assets that are frequently undervalued in traditional sources of financing. We are experts at evaluating the value and performance of these mission critical assets and are able to utilize their value to structure a flexible financing program that best meets your needs.

We understand the cash cycles you face. Your upfront investment in people, product and/or facilities, combined with the typical turn on payments from your customers, creates a cash flow gap. This gap widens even further for manufacturing companies, importers, seasonal businesses, for asset-intensive companies, and for service companies that must build staff prior to billing customers for services rendered.

We offer lines of credit up to $30,000,000. As your company grows and your balance sheet matures, we have the flexibility to extend our financing and adjust structure and pricing, allowing us to serve your needs throughout every season of your business.

Fixed Asset Financing (Term Financing)

Many of our clients need to purchase machinery and equipment for opportunistic growth purposes, or they own machinery, equipment, or real estate that has been accumulating value. In many cases, a long-term loan can be offered to tap into the equity value of these assets to help fund the business, or to fund needs that result from a changing business landscape. A fixed asset loan, or term loan, can provide liquidity for a growing business by utilizing a percentage of the value of these fixed assets.

SBA Financing

SBA loans are specifically designed for small business owners to provide long term, low down payment financing for the purchase of real estate, equipment or inventory. Financing can also be used for business acquisitions and business refinancing.

We offer the SBA 7(a), SBA 504, SBA Express and Patriot Express programs. MidFirst Bank is a Preferred SBA Lender nationwide.

Other Financial Services

Through our parent company, we have the ability to offer various other banking and financing products, including the following:

Griffin Capital Funding

Griffin Capital Funding was founded in 1999 with the express purpose of helping churches meet their financing goals. Each year we work with thousands of churches to help them understand their financial position by providing free advice and valuable insight on how church financing (church loans, church mortgage, church refinancing etc.) works and also how the church can improve their financial position. In Griffin Capital Funding, we close about $100,000,000 per year on average in church loan for the purchase, refinance, renovation and ground-up construction of church properties. Inc. Magazine ranked us as the 49th fastest growing financial services firm in 2008. It is pretty amazing considering almost all of our business is focused on a very small segment of the overall financial services industry (churches).

Goal of the Company

The goal of Griffin Capital Funding is to leave each church better off for having worked with us, and we do this through providing fantastic church loan/ church financing products with great rates and terms. In addition to providing low-interest rate products to churches that are in a good position, we also have a private money fund that also helps churches in foreclosure or bankruptcy. We have representatives that speak English, Korean, and Spanish. We offer loans ranging in size from $75,000 to $30,000,000 in most parts of the country.

To date we have closed about 1,000 church loans for almost $1,000,000,000 (Billion) in total closed loans.

Prescient Capital

We selectively structure term loans with the primary focus on commercial real estate and will consider loans on assets that the quick-sale value is clearly identifiable.

Prescient Capital lends at or near the top of the capital structure attempting to limit downside risk, focusing on preservation of capital. Additionally, the team looks to invest in situations where assets are undervalued and misunderstood due to capital and organizational structure complexity, with an identifiable catalyst for revaluation.

For current lending criteria, please email Prescient Capital has acquired commercial loans and credit assets from financial institutions across the United States. We purchase single loans across asset classes but primarily commercial real estate along with commercial & industrial (“C&I”) businesses.

Since 2006, the Prescient Capital lending platform offers borrowers speed and certainty of execution.

We do not collect upfront fees. All fees are paid to 3rd parties to close the loan.

You are speaking with decision makers. We will make the decision to be on the ground visiting the property the next day.

Bloomfield Capital

With a focus on commercial bridge loan opportunities between $1 million and $15 million, Bloomfield Capital is a direct lender and capital partner. Specializing in real estate loans for asset types including multi-family, office, hospitality, and other commercial properties, Bloomfield Capital is a direct capital source and a balance sheet lender. Typical transactions have an urgent closing timeline, a strong value proposition, and a clear exit strategy—usually within 12-24 months of the loan being issued.


Highly structured transactionsDiscounted note pay-offsProperty acquisitionsNote acquisitionsRecapitalizationsComplex deal structuresBankruptcy and receivership resolutionsRehabilitation / constructionRedevelopment / repositioningLease-up / stabilizationPartner buy-outOther uses depending on borrower’s specific needs


1-15 mil. Loan size, 6 mo. – 3 yr term, Rates 8.0% – 11.0%, up tp 80% LTV, 2.0% – 6.0% Origination fee.

South End Capital

South End Capital Corporation℠ “SECC”, founded in 2009, is a nationwide, non-conforming lender providing stated income commercial real estate loans, subprime SBA loans, “no credit check” business lines of credit, and merchant cash advance consolidation loans. SECC offers excellent service, prompt responses and custom tailored financing.

SECC has been recognized by Fit Small Business, Top Ten Reviews and as one of the premier non-conforming business and real estate lenders in the country.

*Small Balance real Estate – Direct Lender, $175,000 to $5,000,000, Staring Rates 6.375%, up to 30 years fixed, no credit score min., up to 80% LTV, non profit loans, close in 2 to 4 weeks.

*Subprime SBA – $30,000 to $23,000,000, rates from 7.25%, no collateral requirement up to $500,000, 550 credit minimum, 1 year min. time in business, nationwide programs.

*Credit line/invoice financing – $1,000 to $100,000, no FICO minimum, rates from 0.4%, no prepay penalty, 12 to 24 week term, next day funding, no up front junk fees, no collateral required, invoice financed at 100%.

Stormfield Capital

Stormfield Capital, LLC is a direct commercial bridge lender providing short-term loans secured by commercial and residential investment properties.
We pride ourselves on our transparency and flexibility when it comes to structuring our loan products. We aim to serve real estate investors who are not adequately served by conventional banks. We currently offer (3) separate loan products:
Interest-Only Commercial Bridge Loans
Fix & Flip Loans
Rental Property Loans

Our commercial bridge loan products will often times be referred to as “hard money loans” due to the fact that we focus on the value of the underlying real estate collateral.

PROPERTY TYPES: All property types considered, except owner-occupied residential
LENDING AREA: Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic USA focused, but will consider all major cities nationally
LOAN SIZE: From $250,000 to $5,000,000
LOAN TERM: 12 to 36 months
AMORTIZATION: Interest only
INTEREST RATE: 8.99% – 11.99%
LOAN-TO-VALUE: Up to 65%*
ORIGINATION FEE: 1% – 2% of the loan amount
PREPAYMENT PENALTY: No prepayment penalty, although typically a short interest guarantee
RECOURSE: Typically, there will be recourse to Sponsors
EXPENSE DEPOSIT: Adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees, and customary expenses
CLOSING TIME: Typically within 10 business days.

Stormfield’s fix & flip loans are designed for real estate investors looking to acquire, renovate, and resell properties within a 6-18 month window.
PROPERTY TYPES: 1-4 family, non owner-occupied
LENDING AREA: Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic USA focused, but will consider all major cities nationally
LOAN SIZE: From $150,000 to $1,000,000
LOAN TERM: 12-18 months
INTEREST RATE: 8.99% – 11.99%
LOAN-TO-VALUE: Up to 65% of the “as repaired” or “as completed value”
ORIGINATION FEE: 1% – 2% of the loan amount
PREPAYMENT PENALTY: No Prepayment Penalty
RECOURSE: Typically, there will be recourse to Sponsors
EXPENSE DEPOSIT: Adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees, and customary expenses
CLOSING TIME: Typically within 10 business days

PROPERTY TYPES: Single-family detached residences, 2-4 unit residences, condominiums, and townhomes
LENDING AREA: Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic USA focused, but will consider all major cities nationally
LOAN SIZE: From $150,000 to $1,500,000
LOAN TERM: 2 Years
AMORTIZATION: None, Interest-only
INTEREST RATE: 6.99% – 10.99%
LOAN-TO-VALUE: Up to 65%
ORIGINATION FEE: 1% – 2% of the loan amount
RECOURSE: Typically, there will be recourse to Sponsors
EXPENSE DEPOSIT: Adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees, and customary expenses
CLOSING TIME: Typically within 14 business days

Fidelity Bancorp Funding

We have a mission. We are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind for your next purchase. We do this by hiring the best people, offering a wealth of financing options and having a great track record closing loans on time. We are easy to talk to.

Fidelity Bancorp Funding Makes it Easy
• Whether you are looking for home loans, refinance, cash out, conventional, portfolio or bridge – we tailor loans so you can achieve your pricing needs and investment objectives with ease.
• Our letters of interest are normally delivered within 24 hours so you can move ahead quickly when you need to.
Jumbo Homes Loans Up to $10 Million with Fidelity Bancorp Funding
When a loan amount reaches a certain point, Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans can offer high-end financing that a traditional loan can’t.
Over the past few years, some lenders have decreased their Jumbo Loan offerings and have made them harder to obtain, but at Fidelity Bancorp Funding, we can get you the best rate possible on your Jumbo Loan.
With a jumbo mortgage, you’ll get great rates for your big loan. With a choice between fixed or adjustable rates, our jumbo loans offer maximum flexibility for home financing for larger loans.
Got questions? Give us a call! One of our mortgage specialists would be happy to answer all of your q
Multi-Family Loan Programs
We see the big picture and present you with a variety of loan programs customized to fit your plans. From $250,000 to $10,000,000+ we can tailor your funding to match your pricing needs and investment objectives. With our team in your corner you can be confident in building your property portfolio.
Some of the highlights of our program include:
• Amortizations of 15 and 30 Years
• 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 Year Fixed Rate Terms
• No Prepay Options
• No Tax Return Options
• Monthly/Annual Leases Acceptable
• Interest Only
• A, B and C Property Types Considered
• Entity Ok
• Maximum LTV 80% / 85% CLTV
• Non Recourse
• A Minimum DSC of 1.15:1
• 60 Day Rate Lock
Mobile Home Parks may be eligible for our Apartment Loan Program with 15+ Pads. We’ll expect you to have property management experience for properties with 12 or more units, alternatively you can supply a property management letter and resume.
Commercial Loan Programs

Conventional (Investor)
What do you need to fund? We have you covered for both traditional and non-traditional properties from $500,000 to $25,000,000. Take a look at our non-conforming, owner-occupied or investor commercial loan program which provides up to 90% commercial financing on a 25/30 year terms.
Some of the highlights of our program include:
• Owner-occupied or investment properties
• Traditional commercial properties
• Amortizations at 15, 20, 25 and 30 years
• 3, 5, 10 and 15 Year Fixed Rates
• Up to 75% LTV or 75 CLTV
• Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
• Minimum Credit Score
SBA 504 Loan Programs
If you’re looking for a long-term financing tool for economic development within the community this could be the right loan for you.
Key features of this program include:
• Typical project structures of
• 50% LTV Conventional 1st Deed of Trust/Mortgage
• 30 – 40% SBA/CDC 2nd Deed of Trust/Mortgage (depending on property type)
• 10 – 25% equity injection (depending on property type)
• A maximum loan amount of
• $4,000,000 1st Deed of Trust/Mortgage
• $1,500,000 2nd Deed of Trust/Mortgage when meeting the job creation criteria or a community development goal
• $2,000,000 2nd Deed of Trust/Mortgage when meeting a public policy goal
• $4,000,000 2nd Deed of Trust/Mortgage for small manufacturers
* Up to $6,000,000 of aggregate financing
• Maturity and Amortization up to 25 years for conventional 1st Deed of Trust/Mortgage, up to 120 day term with interest only payments for the Interim Note and up to 20 years for the CDC/SBA 2nd Deed of Trust/Mortgage
• Maximum LTV Multi-Use of up to 90% (50% Conventional 1st/40% CDC/SBA 2nd / 10% equity injection
• Limited or special purpose real estate up to 85% LTV (50% Conventional 1st/35% CDC/SBA 2nd/15% equity injections
SBA 7(a) Loan Programs
If you’re looking for a Small Business Administration loan to buy or refinance commercial real estate the popular SBA 7(a) loan could be for you. In conjunction with a commercial real estate loan request, using funds for working capital, machinery and equipment and furniture and fixtures may be considered by LCC. You’ll need a 1st Deed of Trust/Mortgage on commercial real estate and to meet SBA qualifications such as having a maximum Loan to Value of 90% depending on your property type.
Key features of this program include:
• A typical project structure of 75 – 90% LTV and 10 – 25% equity injection
• A maximum loan amount of $2,000,000
• Maturity and Amortization up to 25 years for real estate, 10 years for business acquisition, between 7 to 10 years for debt refinancing and up to 7 years for permanent working capital (blended maturity and amortization will be applied depending on final structure as determined by SBA guidelines)
• Maximum LTV Multi-Use of up to 90%
• Limited or special purpose real estate up to 80% LTV


CMBS conduit loans are conventional fixed-rate, first mortgage loans secured by stabilized income-producing commercial real estate properties that are leased to tenants. Once closed, CMBS conduit loans are pooled together by Wall Street investment banks and sold as securities to investors.

Bridge loans are conventional primarily floating-rate first mortgage loans secured by unstabilized income-producing commercial real estate properties that have vacant or underutilized space that is being marketed to tenants.

Commercial bank loans are conventional fixed-rate, first mortgage loans secured by stabilized or nearly stabilized income-producing and owner-occupied commercial real estate properties that are leased to tenants or are owner-occupied.

Agency loans are conventional fixed-rate, first mortgage loans secured by stabilized income-producing multifamily and manufactured housing communities that meet Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac underwriting guidelines.

SBA loans are commercial mortgage loans secured by owner-occupied real estate properties that are partially guaranteed by the U.S. government or provide below-market interest rates to borrowers using the credit of the U.S. government.

USDA loans are commercial mortgage loans partially guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) secured by owner-occupied real estate properties located in rural areas. The loans are guaranteed through the USDA Business and Industry Loan (B&I) Program.

*CMBS Conduit Loan Rates – $2 million-$100 million – Stabilized Properties

*5-Year, 7-Year, 10-Year Fixed-Rate Loan Term (25/30 Yr. Amortization)

Bankers Healthcare Group

Business, personal, Start-up, SBA Loans.

Practicing healthcare is stressful. Finding the right loan for your practice or healthcare business doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re investing in the future or looking to meet short-term obligations, Bankers Healthcare Group can deliver a customized financing solution in as few as three days without the hassles and red tape of a traditional lender.

· Amount from $20,000 to $500,000*

· 24-hour approval

· Funds in as few as 3 days

· Won’t affect personal credit

· No personal collateral required

· Flexible repayment terms

· Premium service 7 days a week

Redwood Mortgage

Redwood Mortgage is a direct portfolio lender with over 39 years of experience making loans on commercial, multi-family, mixed-use and residential investment properties in California. Redwood Mortgage has the knowledge, expertise and financial strength to underwrite complex loan structures.

The Redwood Program:

· Loans $200,000 to $10,000,000

· Single level of decision-making

· Expertise in commercial loan transactions

· In-house document production and funding

Underwriting Philosophy

Tailor-Made Solutions Just For You…
Our underwriting philosophy is one of simple common sense. We review the borrower’s financial situation, as well as the property’s quality and equity. More importantly, we listen to the story behind the loan. People come to Redwood from different economic backgrounds and with many different goals. We put together all of the pieces of the puzzle and try to come up with a solution that will work for everyone involved.